“I felt myself in a way I never have.

Ben Beard

Because of her my life blew up, elevating my whole sense of being.


Being so committed to showing up consistently. Implement the things Colleen shares in your life to get where you want to be.


“I felt my soul drop down into my body. It made me feel so calm and peaceful.


She is the most authentic person that you could go into business with.


"In our first call with working on conscious money freedom codes - we got clear and broke through huge blocks around sharing my message, that I had no idea was a block


“I've done ayahuasca as soon as I started to hear her singing, I went back to this moment. It's really healing.


What Are People's Results From Working with Colleen?


In the first month after leaving corporate from her process of manifestation I was able to make $5k 

Global Citizen University has been quite an experience for me. It came at the right time when I was making drastic changes in my life to live a more free and abundant life and I was motivated by Colleen’s example to join.

Thanks to Colleen’s education and coaching, I was able to believe in myself, learn how to unapologetically live my truth and kickstart my dance career. It’s helped me be able to use technology in ways I never have before to and I’m able to show more people what’s possible for themselves with my content. It’s been a very transformative experience and I’m glad I was apart of it.

Deon Howard

programs pict

"I finally broke through, Colleen's energy is contagious and will give you opportunities to change the world"

Colleen it’s been a few days since thrive and when we spoke last I wanted to take a day to reflect and let the emotions settle I finally broke through but I have you to thank fop being part of the aggregate solution. You primed my system fop chance Thursday night between you. Tim Storey, ET, Mylett & Cole. I’ve finally b.br..bro..broke…broken.through!
I’ll Never forget, moment. Sitting in my chair as I listen to ET. For the first time ever said. I'm Chris fucking Henson! You're amazing your spirit is powerful and your energy is contagious.
I am so glad I met you. Not only for myself, but to get the chance to watch you change my world. I’m excited for those opportunities.
-Christopher Henson

Empowered me to stand in my truth

"Colleen is a change-maker. Energetic power and catalyst of fundamental breakthrough. I spent 90 minutes with her during which we peeled away layers of doubt and fear. Uncovered my core truth. Empowered me to stand in that truth and live -- truly live it without apology! She support re-framing and cooing as only a master can! -Greatly recommended by the oracle goddess herself."
-Tanya Spirit

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From Colleens 8 week manifestation course I was able to get my first client from the online world in 8 weeks

"My new client and I have been talking and it's going really well. We're both really excited for our first session! Thank you for helping me get my first client."

Erin Geib

I am so happy being present in the moment, being completely myself

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
We are completely transforming and art industry with 3D screens because we are able to capture light traveling through space at festivals.I am so happy, being present in the moment being completely myself & of course it’s going like this"
-Machel Monnikhof


It was the best phone call of my life


"Colleen is someone with a massive vision,
huge heart, who really knows she’s here to impact the world”
Regan Hillyer

She helped me tear down some questions i had that were standing in the way of my success


Helping me realize that I can create anything that I want.


She took her time and explained everything to me- I even took notes so I left with all the information!

"Colleen and I got to meet up one on one and discuss everything .which was nice because it was personalized just for me! She took her time and explained everything to me - I even took notes so I left with all the information, any questions I had - whether it was about visualization, manifesting or finding my sole purpose in life. She answered honestly and thoroughly. I started doing some things she suggested and not only do I do them. But I feel them and I already notice things are happening I definitely am grateful I decided to sign up for one of her seminars."


Colleen has been my on point teacher and coach, my friend and my task master

I wholeheartedly encourage you to embrace Colleen and the work and help that she provides so that you can carve a path to find what self-love in practice is for you and your truth in the world. I believe the most impactful part is how it taught me about myself. I became aware of what I want to create in the world. And a significant shift occurred where I am creating it at great speed. I have always known the power of focus and Colleen’s tools taught me to leverage my strengths and skills. Half way through the course my enlightened and respectful divorce turned into a shit storm and Colleen became my rock my feelings thoughts and dreams matter! I am a kind and giving person. But I can also take care of me consistently now as well. I am stronger than I think I am. And I am enough and I feel best when
I prioritize my wellness and relationships and when I have momentum and am contributing into the world I feel confident of my compass. My true north is sharing love and I work with creative expression for financial freedom and social change. I dive through the waves of grief when they come and mostly I focus on loving me and setting myself up each day to work in the way I want to work and from the heart I’ve moved on already into the powerful woman I am and the one I am becoming and Colleen has been my on point teacher and coach. My friend and my task master. The energy I put into colleens course was well worth it for my accelerated re-planning and re-aligning. I am already seeing evidence of things that are working. I feel tuned up and ready to turn the volume up to live a louder
life creating the world I want to live in my gratitude is of epic proportions.

“We are on track to make $5k in our first 90 days


Her 6 week program was an incredible journey of transformation


I have no doubts that her program contributed to my success in empowering women


Colleen's energy is healing

It is therapeutic.
It is revitalizing.
It is refreshing.
It is rejuvenating.
It is a breath of fresh air in the entrepreneurial world she is an inspirational young woman with a lot to give and receive I am empowered by her ability to interpret so much of life to give meaning. Colleen's vibrancy and livelihood has brought me a lot of joy and happiness, motivating factor that has prompted me to pole model further afield-to pay it forward. The global stage as humanitarian. Her energy and love is making me tell my own story and has brought me lot of value and creative desires. I would highly recommend her services and nave no hesitations. I fully commend her valuable services on that note to help you find your passion, your gifts, your positive traits and your purpose in life if you haven’t. I will certainly be spreading her intoxicating love out loud on my humanitarian missions abroad.
-Leina Vanuatu


Colleen has made a program that is not only inspiring, but has also challenged and opened up my wind

Colleen has made a program that is not only inspiring, but has also challenged and opened up mind so that I can be the best me. with her help we have dug into my past. Present, and future and now know exactly what I need to do in life. Making life changes is difficult. Colleen was understanding and empowering throughout the whole process so that I can live the life I have always imagined. The whole experience exceeded my
expectations and will be with me for the rest of my life. The clarity from learning so much about myself has made me a better person for myself and others. I have the power and knowledge achieve the dream life! Have always wanted.

I work with the best souls in the entire universe. #truth

Also, check out Colleen Gallagher. She a change agent—her heart is massive and her vision is just as big—and she's one of the ones that gets done on a global scale. So if your a multiple six figure earner (or seven!) interested in a global, tangible impact, go check her out.
Hop on one of her lives.
Be in her world.

-Elissa Williams


Colleen listened to me and gave me guidance

I spoke with colleen about a guy I had been seeing for 8 months but it never went beyond the casual stage. Colleen helped me become aware hindsight that it was not a good relationships for my self-esteem and confidence. It was so comforting and reassuring to have colleen help me realize that the casual situation was wrong for me which helped tremendously, with getting over my heartbreak. Colleen listened to me and gave me guidance that gave me confidence to venture into something new with a new guy and to be not afraid to get clarity when I needed it. It has been over two months with my new guy, and I have been able to check on things in a light and non-confrontational way. I feell now I have real progress the angst has lessened and that I am building on something thank you so much Colleen.

All the way across the world and still Colleen was the only one to lift this heavy weight that had been bringing me down alter my breakup. She listened with no judgment and told me something that no one had been telling me. My ex was not the one causing my unhappiness and tears. There was something inside of me going on as soon as she started explaining the difference between external and internal factors to happiness. Something in me switched my complete mindset or the breakup chanced and for the first time in a long time, I felt at peace with what had happened. Colleen will go the extra mile for anyone and is there whenever you need someone to be there for you. You can feel her positivity and love. Even on the other side of the world. There is no one I trust more to go to for support and guidance.


One more thing and hear this. I mean hear this if you had not crossed my path I would be gone. So you can say you know beyond any doubt that you saved one person, life with absolute certainty.
-Mark Mondoro