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Colleen graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Marketing in May 2015. She worked as a sales engineer for a $23 billion company living in Arizona, Texas and Maryland. Colleen wanted to gain international experience and the company told her she would have to wait 5 years to do this to prove her commitment to the company.  So, Colleen decided to move across the world to New Zealand in April 2017 to create the freedom and experience she desired to gain. In New Zealand, Colleen got a job within 4 weeks working for a $400 million company who’s the #1 global leader in their field, covering Australia and New Zealand.

Even though both of her jobs were amazing experiences, they allowed her to travel, to oversee multi-million-dollar territories, experience servicing global key accounts, gave Colleen promotions, far surpassed the average pay people her age were making and gave her the responsibility to work with cross-functional teams. For some reason deep down she still was not happy and Colleen started noticing that many of her co-workers were not happy either. So, she decided to take the leap of faith and find out why in January 2018.


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She created Colleen Gallagher International so she could empower leaders to become evolutionary leaders to flow with the evolution of humanity through lifestyle careers.  From all of her traveling, studying and leadership retreats it has allowed Colleen to gain a greater understanding of human potential, purpose, and how the online world is impacting human development. As, of May 2018 Colleen started her  Masters at Arizona State University in Global Technology and Development to dive further into the research side of things besides her own experience. Based on these experiences at age 24, Colleen became an evolutionary transformational coach, consultant and speaker.

Our Mission at CGI is to passionately empower individuals, companies and leaders to improve connectivity, employee retention with the younger generation and move into a holistic view of oneness for lifestyle businesses.

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